Beginning in 1987 building my first racecar in my high school auto shop class, I knew this was an industry that I loved and was passionate about. Automobiles, speed, preparation and ultimately winning. In the early 1990's another data imagecomponent to that opened up, teaching the skill and then coaching to refine what was learned.

My goal is to help you achieve your goal, from behind the wheel of your car and in preparation before you reach the track. With the use of data acquisition, video and communication we can gather the information needed to make better decisions before going on track and once you are on track executing those decisions.


Professional Driver Coaching

Most all of the on-track coaching sessions will include data and video analysis.

aim solo 2 dl 

Using a combination of the AiM Solo 2 / Solo 2 DL 
and AiM SmartyCam we can capture important
data. Here are just a few things we will look at.

  • Track Mapping & Driving Line Analysis
  • Split Times
  • Acceleration graph
  • Deceleration graph
  • Predictive Lap Times
  • Lateral G-Forces
  • Longitudinal G-Forces
  • Lap to lap Consistency
 hemlet cam3


Helmet Cams can be used to give a drivers eye
view of what is happening behind the wheel and
exactly what the driver is seeing and where the
head is pointed.

  • Professional GoPro Camera
  • RePlay XD Prime X Camera
  • RePlay XD 1080p Mini Camera
  • External audio may be used



 dash cam


Dash camera's can be used to help identify where
the driver is looking and if they are looking there
quickly enough. This can also be used to identify
other driver qualities.

  • Foot box camera's can also be used




incar cam


In-Car camera's will be used to give an overall
view of what the driver sees and is doing. This
also helps coaching from the computer instead
of the right seat.

  • AiM SmartyCam w/data overlay
  • Professional GoPro Camera
  • RePlay XD Prime X Camera
  • RePlay XD 1080p Mini Camera






When right seat teaching coaching is needed,
driver and coach will be in constant communication
without the interference of engine and wind noise
inside the car.


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